Split Airport to Makarska

Calculation based on a group of three passengers:
– total cost by bus is about 45 Euros and 3-4 hours of travel
– total cost by taxi is about 130 Euros and 1h20min of travel
– total cost by private transfer from 105 Euros and 1h20min of travel

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Here’s the scenario:

Your final destination is Makarska, but Split is the closest city that you can fly into.
Split airport is located about one hour and 20 minutes from Makarska, which makes the trip just over 90 kilometers.
How would you find your way from point A to point B?

In reality, it’s really not as easy as it sounds.

Taxi from Split airport to Split, then bus to Makarska

One option would be taking a taxi from Split airport to the bus station in Split.
This ride alone will cost you upwards of 30 Euros, not to mention that you will need to purchase a bus ticket for 9 Euros to Makarska, plus pay extra for baggage.

Shuttle bus from Split Airport to Split, then bus to Makarska

Another option is to take the Split airport shuttle bus to the Split bus station. While this is slightly more convenient (and only around 7 Euros for a trip), you never know how long you’ll be waiting until the shuttle bus finally decides to leave from the airport, and the schedules are never really what they say they are. Even so, once you finally get to the Split bus station, you better hope you haven’t missed your bus or that the buses haven’t already sold out!

With either option, you’ll have to first make the journey to the Split bus station, then hope your journey can continue smoothly on the bus to Makarska. Since there are unfortunately no ferry or catamaran options and a daily car rental could cost you upwards of 100 euros during the high season (and a taxi from the airport to Makarska even more), what option is left?

NEW attraction (from 2020): Skywalk Biokovo

Skywalk Biokovo
Skywalk Biokovo

A private transfer from Split Airport to Makarska will cost you from 105 Euros per car, and the headache it will save you in the end is priceless.

Split airport to Makarska

Private transfer from Split Airport to Makarska

To take the headache and pains of traveling away, letting Solo Transfers take you from point A to point B guarantees to be a smooth ride. Instead of running around the airport looking for a taxi or where the shuttle bus is stationed, we will be waiting for you the second you make it through baggage claim.

One hour 15 minutes long drive to Makarska will end only once you’ve reach the door of where you need to be – making it really that easy to relieve yourselves of the the pains and stresses of traveling!

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Top attractions in Makarska

  • Nature Park Biokovo
  • Makarska Harbor
  • St. Mark’s Church
  • Svetiste Vepric
  • Peninsula of St. Peter
  • Shells Museum
  • Kacic Square